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Boost the power of your vehicle for livelier throttle inputs, better overtaking capabilities, towing a caravan / trailer or to dazzle at the traffic lights for 0-100kph pulls. Engine Tuning Melbourne Geelong Ballarat Bendigo. Audi VW BMW Tuning. Performance Tuning

Performance Tuning – Stage 1 Melbourne | Geelong

Add more power, torque and fuel efficiency with a stage 1 engine tuning without compromising on Engine Longevity.

** Starting Prices


Performance Tuning – Stage 2 Melbourne | Geelong

Add even more power n torque with a stage 2 performance tune for blistering performance without compromising on Engine Longevity.

** Starting Prices


Additional Customisation (Done along with Tuning)

Order the following with your tune as add-ons. Engine Tuning Melbourne

Pop, Crackle and Bang – Exhaust Overrun

Add drama to your exhaust with Pops, Crackles & Bangs on overruns. Also known as flutter or burble of the exhaust. Cat can stay on with these mods or you can go Catless / resonator delete (track use only)


DSG Tuning – VW Audi Skoda Porsche

Make your DSG Quick shifting without the annoying random pauses in upshift/downshift. Modify Launch control, add DSG Boom, increase clamping pressure etc.


Warranty Patch

If your vehicle is still under warranty, utilise this feature to never endanger manufacturer warranty for in-warranty vehicles (European cars only – VAG, BMW and Mini)


2 Step Antilag Flames

If you wish to throw flames outta your exhaust you can also opt for a 2-step antilag tune. Requires a pretty much a turbo back straight-pipe and is for track use only.


Launch Control

Launch control lets you hold revs and then hurtle you towards terrific 0-100 kph catapaults.


Stock ECU Bin File Email

We’ll email you back your stock file for future use / detune or any other purpose you deem fit. ** Starting Prices


Modified ECU Bin File Email

Get the modified file emailed to your inbox for any future use & safekeeping.


Dyno Tuning

Add Dyno tuning to your stage 1 or stage 2 remaps for just $250 (2wd vehicles) and $300 (4wd vehicles). Our Mainline chassis Dyno gives us the opportunity to trouble shoot and validate the tunes that we do.



Book a Stage 1 Performance Tuning

$750+ ($0.00 shipping)

Engine Tuning across all suburbs of Melbourne. Performance gains for you Jeep Volvo Mazda Land Rover Jaguar Bentley Rolls Royce Lotus McLaren Aston Martin Alfa Romeo Fiat Chrysler Maserati Ferrari Lamborghini Audi Porsche Skoda Mercedes Benz AMG BMW M Saab Renault Citroen Ford Holden Subaru.

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Performance Tuning

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